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Hey there I'm Pierce, an artist who does mix media work. I draw, create jewelry, do stone cutting, do woodturning, and sometimes create sculptures.

Originally posted on my art tumblr on March 16th, 2016 These were the second pair of earrings I made in Jewelry 2 as part of my Garden set. These are sunflowers with agates hanging off, the sunflowers representing flower gardens and the agates representing rock gardens. Some people have rock gardens and I thought it would be cool to incorporate my agates into this jewelry piece. Also, the flowers were made of copper that I etched. Etching was one of the biggest parts of this assignment.

Originally posted on my art blog on March 16th, 2016 These were Chili Pepper earrings I made in my Jewelry 2 class as a part of my garden theme. They represented the vegetable growing aspect of it.

Originally posted on my art tumblr on February 24th, 2016 In my Jewelry Design 2 class we are working on earrings. We’re suppose to make 3-5 sets of earring, using etching, and it has to have a theme. My theme was gardens and these were the pieces so far before I colored them with prisma color, patina them, and coat them so the colors don’t fade/chip off. The flowers and leaves are made of copper while the seeds are made of brass.

I originally posted this picture on my tumblr art blog on February 24th, 2016. This is a geode I got when I went to Bisbee Arizona with my family for New Years. We went on a Mining tour and in the gift shop you could buy a geode. So I bought one and waited for when I had time to go to my local Lapidary society to cut mine open.

Daily warm ups, practicing expressions for my OC calico in her human form.

New to Waterfall

Hey everyone! I'm still new to this site so it'll take me time to figure out some things on here. My friend recommended me this site as a good place to post art.